Our Story

Organic Recycling Group began operating in 2006, specialising in the collection of organic waste and dedicated to helping the environment by diverting organics away from landfill. Since the start of our organics service we have expanded to meet the needs of our clients to offer recycling for cardboard, paper, comingle as well as general waste solutions and grease traps. We are proudly an Australian-owned and operated Sydney-based business with Services throughout the Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra regions.

Today, Organic Recycling Group are Sydney’s leading provider of organics collection services and also provides total resource management solutions to both local government and private sector clients. We are specially positioned to assist our clients with consultation and services that provide improved management of organic waste through alternative waste treatments that divert these resources from landfill. Our tailorable services offer commercial, industrial and residential clients a competitive and sustainable edge, through cost-effective solutions, and reliable customer service. We foster long term, loyal client relationships through our personable, “local” feel interactions.  As we have continued to grow, this connection is a core value we work hard to maintain.

Our Mission

To be a leading contributor to the reduction in recoverable resources going to land fill every year.

To contribute to sustainable resource solutions, especially in regard to organic waste

To ensure clients maximise their potential to achieve sustainability and environmental objectives

We are an independent Australian business

We are experts in recycling & waste management

We exceed industry standards

We always do the right thing


Within our business we value the contribution our staff make and their commitment to our customers. Wherever possible we schedule collections by the same driver for our contract clients. This ensures that our service standards and consistency are easily maintained.


As a result of extensive experience in the waste industry, we have developed the networks and relationships to reliably deliver on our service commitments and provide aligned and cost-effective solutions to clients. Our approach and supporting systems are designed to educate, and influence a positive waste management response from business owners.


As a local operator with direct management involvement in operations, we are a dynamic and agile organisation which prides itself on customer satisfaction and achievement of expectations. Our management team are directly involved in all facets of our operations, having hands on knowledge of all our clients and their needs. We work collaboratively to implement a tailored and appropriate solution and monitor services to refine improve diversion rates. Our goal is to be a central partner to businesses of all sizes in leading the diversion of recyclable materials from NSW landfill, especially in the area of organics recovery.


Organic Recycling Group provides Clients with waste package solutions that best suit your business’ requirements. As the leader in the removal and recycling of organic waste in the Sydney, Canberra and Wollongong Basins – an investment in your waste removal is also an investment of Corporate Sustainability and reducing your environmental footprint.


We are proud to be a central partner to businesses of all sizes across Sydney and Canberra. As industry leaders, we are solutions orientated to ensure the diversion of all recyclable materials from NSW landfill, especially in the area of organics recovery. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service for all our clients, to exceed expectations in waste management operations.